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route 11: Brønnøysund Vega Herøy Dønna Sandnessjøen Brønnøysund Total cycling distance: approx. Handnesøya: 6 7 Graves from the Viking era (15 round grave mounds and two ship burials situated

500 metres from the ferry quay. Be sure to stop at Hellåga, a scenic rest area that offers an excellent fishing spot. Is situated.5 km south of Forvik. On its way from Tonnes to Selsøyvik, the express boat crosses the Arctic Circle. 13 Dønnamannen (858 m) There is marked path match up this characteristic mountain on Dønna. The trading post has a café and offers accommodation. Attractions AND activities 7 Selsøyvik Old Trading Post This historic trading post also has a café and features art exhibitions. Situated just 1 km south of Sandnessjøen. Both this World War II fort and Kleivhalsen offer impressive views. Situated about 9 km from Gladstad and 9 km from Rørøy. The Vistenfjord Excellent fishing and hiking. M 23 Meløy church The second-largest 9 attractions AND activities 12 Storglomvassdammen One of two dams that create Storglomvatnet reservoir. Attractions AND activities, stone Age heritage trail with information boards and excavations that offer insights into Vegas 10,000-year long history. Legend Published by: Helgeland Reiseliv. Start at the ferry quay. Hiking Trail up Stordalstinden (820 m). Glomfjordløva and Láhko National Park A national park situated east of Glomfjord.

Matkroken aldersundet

Alta, tourist Information Office 5 km matkroken aldersundet from the ferry quay. Jobbmuligheter 13 km from the Herøy ferry quay. Dønna Terje Rakke Nordic LifeHelgeland Reiseliv Part Distance 3 Distance. Kilboghamn Jektvik Ågskardet Forøy Holand Engavågen Åmøy Vassdalsvik Ørnes Total cycling distance. During which you can marvel at Helgelands magnificent coastal landscape. Situated near the boat harbour, the mountains that rise from the sea here are amongst the most spectacular anywhere.

Kontaktinformasjon for, matkroken, aldersund Bratland, telefonnummer, adresse, se informasjonen om firmaer.Matkroken - Husvikveien 10, 7748 Sætervika, Sor-Trondelag, Norway - Rated.9 based on 37 Reviews Søndag spiste vi nok en herlig middag hos Gunhild.

Plan each leg of your journey in advance. LomsdalVisten National Park sandvika Incredible hiking and fishing. With a hundred kilometres of very lightlytrafficked roads. Vega Tourist Information, the sculpture by Oddvar, bicycle hire AND information. Brnnysund Terje Rakke Nordic LifeHelgeland Reiseliv Tel. Brønnøysund vega Vega is a cyclers paradise. About 11 km from Igerøy, tel, groceries AND supermarkets 5 12 Rise mine Heritage trail and beautiful scenery. House of Winds Artscape Nordland, tonnes cave A 180metre long cave. Straps or rope to secure your bike.

Route 13 Stokkvågen Tonnes Storselsøy Selsøyvik Gjerøy Nordnesøy Rødøy Tonnes Stokkvågen Tonnes Selsøyvik Gjerøy Nordnesøy Rødøy route 14 Kilboghamn Jektvik Ågskardet Forøy Holand Engavågen Åmøy Vassdalsvik Ørnes Kilboghamn Jektvik Ågskardet Forøy Holand Halsa Åmøy Vassdalsvik Støtt Meløy Bolga Glomfjord Ørnes.Bicycle repairs 16 Herøy Sport og Fritid Silvalen, Silvalen,.5 km from the Herøy ferry quay, tel.Betjeningen var og veldig hyggelig.

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Det skjedde i 1919 C est la vie!

Groceries AND supermarkets 7 Kiwi Sandnessjøen, Øyvindsenteret Vågen, tel.13 Kjærlighetsstien Sanna Hiking.1 Fagområde 1 Sted 1 Yrke, på innsiden, registrer deg i CV databasen!10 Puffin colony on the west side of the island, about 2 km from the ferry quay.

Matkroken, landåstorget, Bergen - Gule Sider