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Blind: Computer Literacy of Traditions Preservation? A Pilot Project of the Electronic Library of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts Felix Voroysky and Kirill Kolosov, Russian National

Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia. Conclusions of the Day Digital Resources: All Included Alexander Kuznetsov, National Electronic Information Consortium, Moscow, Russia Mini-fourchette The Day of Elsevier Publishing House, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Workshop: Role of Digital Scientific Resources in Building up the Innovation Status of Russias Universities: Joint Project of Elsevier. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.00-18.00 third session Chair: Antonina Shelemova, Professor, Peoples Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russia. Quick and complete fulfilling of orders of any complexity. The Instructional Aspect of a Self-made Research Work by the Alumni of the Department of Information Technologies and Electronic Libraries, Moscow State University of Culture and Arts Alexander Arzukhano, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia viii. Reflection of Traditional Values Irina Strelkova, Deputy Director, Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts, Minsk, Republic of Belarus. Svatula,.Gonchar Regional Universal Scientific Library, Kherson, Ukraine. From Social Need to Cooperative Implementation: Internet Projects of the Childrens Library Nataliya Popova, Regional Childrens Library, Kherson, Ukraine. Koha a Gift to the Libraries Sergey Dubik,. Presentation of the Book Exhibition The Poetical Aura of Solidarity and several poetical books.00-12.20 Coffee break.20-14.00 communications BY participants AND free discussion: The Day of turkic Poetry.00-15.00 Lunch.00-16.00 tour.k.ayvazovsky national Art Gallery.00-17.00 The Social Program specially for the workshop participants.00 departure to sudak. Belarus Agricultural Library is the National Information Center of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Belarus Valentina Yurchenko, Director, Belarusian Agricultural Library, Minsk, Republic of Belarus Oksana Gorobets, Deputy Director, Belarusian Agricultural Library, Minsk, Republic of Belarus.30-12.50 coffee break.50-13.30 session I (continued). Introduction of New Technologies and Labor Regulation Olga Shelyuto, National Library of Russia, tersburg, Russia.00-15.00 lunch.00-17.00 session Iii (continued). Promenading along the beautifual Yalta embankment shall give you a true joy at this festival of beauty and harmony. Special events Information for All unesco Program in Russia: Current and Future Projects Special Event of the Russian Committee of the Information for All unesco Program chairs: Evgeny Kuzmin, Chair, Russian Committee, Information for All unesco Program; member of the Russian Federation Commission for unesco;. Petersburg, Russia Marina Novikova, Pushkin Library Nonprofit Foundation, Moscow, Russia. The main field of iliac activities today is scientific and educational trips and traineeship trips abroad for specialists in librarian and infomational areas and joint areas. Arendt, Literature Expert, Moscow, Russia. The Artists Professional Reading at the Library Ada Kolganova, Director, Russian State Library for Art, Moscow, Russia. Library as the Creator of Electronic Publications. Gertsyk s essay On what, that did not occur Nataliya Lartseva, Petrozavodsk Lights Newspaper, Petrozavodsk, Russia. Gertsyk Elena Frolova, singer of the Theater of Music and Poetry under direction by Elena Kamburova; Member, Russias Union of Writers, Songs of Our Century Project participant. Nadezhda Zaharieva-Damyanova, Deputy Minister of Culture of Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria. Communications by conference participants, guests, members of the press moderators: Ekaterina Genieva, Deputy Chair of the Crimea 2007 Conference International Organizing Committee and Program Committee; Director General,.I. The Medical Authority File The Medics of Russia: A New Project for Medical Libraries Nataliya Meshechak, Scientific and Medical Library, Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk, Russia. Characteristics of Thin Client Technology Use at the National Library of Russia Alexey Chelnokov, National Library of Russia, tersburg, Russia. Printing/Online Transfer (Part 2). State culture institution of moscow Moscow City Business Library (mcbl), Moscow, Russia 7 (495) mcbl development concept is based on the idea of the library corresponding to the information and education center, concentrated on solving perspective social and economic problems. Abstract Database Ecology: Science and Technology as a Significant Constituent of the Electronic Library of Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology. Integrated Approaches to Acquisition and Collection Development Activities in National Libraries Tatyana Petrusenko, National Library of Russia,. Embassy in Poland, Warsaw, Poland Speakers : Laura Kaspari Hohmann, Attache on issues of libraries in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova,.S. Since 2004 it has been ravnovesie Electronic publising house. Information Technologies in Libraries: Looking into the Future Alexander Karaush and Alexander Makarevich, Municipal Information Library System, Tomsk, Russia.00-11.20 coffee break.20-13.30 session I (continued). In 2007 the list of 52 countries studied by Euromonitor International analitics was supplemented by 28 new countries, among them aresuch countries as Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia. Please keep your registration coupons to board the bus ) On the premises of the Crimean-Tatar Secondary School, Stary Krym Presentations - up to 20 minutes, including questions and answers - up to 5 minutes chairs: Ada Kolganova, Director, Russian State Library for Arts, Moscow. The Analysis of Completeness of Subscription to Electronic Scientific Periodicals at the University Library Vladimir Pislyakov, State University High School of Economics Library, Moscow, Russia.

New ideas and approaches 2017, volgaVyatka Academy of State Service Scientific Library. Head, academicians, moscow, moscow, june, russia, academia Publishing Center. New Publishing Projects and Modernization of Russias Educational System Elena Burkova. Moscow, digital Manuals and Methodological Guides and Electronic Collections of the Scientific Library når begynner skolen Tatyana Voronina and Irina Tsvetkova. Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus. Russia open discussion on workshop topics questions.

On behalf of unesco Moscow Office and the Russian Committee of the Information for All unesco.Jeg er ikke flink til å klippe og lime sammen videoer men jeg har prøvd, håper.Ungt og vitalt fra et av Belgias mest spennende jazzband.

Tersburg 0019, library Service Development Strategy through a New Concept of a Library Site Elena Martynova. Information for All unesco Program, russia, mayorova. Is professional mythology consistent with humor. Russian State Library for Arts, russian Association of Rubtsov Libraries and Museums and Information Environment for the Studies of Life and Work of Nikolay Rubtsov Tatyana Abramova. Analyze based on specifc examples their accidentalnonaccidental nature. Saratov, studying Personnel of Academic Libraries in the Republic of Belarus. Massive Reading in Saratov Province Galina Kuznetsova.

The development of roads and trade benween the Byzantine Crimea and the East Slavic lands in the early Middle Ages Alexander Volf, City Administration, Sudak, Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, Ukraine.Arrangement of User Services with Electronic Information Resources Svetlana Ivashchenko, Department Head, National Library of Belarus, Minsk, Republic of Belarus.

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The Association developed Library Automation System irbis and some other software products of the irbis family, established a constantly operating irbis School.The Livadian complex is one of the outstanding landmarks of the architecture and park arts in the Crimea.Electronic Products in the Childrens Library Tatyana Shchukina, Centralized Municipal Library System for Children, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

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